Mountain Dew Ice

Art & Illustration, Story Board Artist

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The latest thirst-quencher from Mountain Dew is Mountain Dew Ice. Rae collaborated with PepsiCo to create a compelling video ad for their innovative new beverage. Rae were able to visualize the ad, facilitating communication and coordination with the director and production team at Shift Studios. Our team worked hard to make sure that the commercial for Mountain Dew Ice, from its inception to its final cut, was meticulously constructed to highlight the invigorating flavor and distinct character of the beverage. Put your faith in us to assist you in producing eye-catching images that will bring your brand to life.

Project responsibilities:

Story Board Artist

Art & Illustration

TV Ad / SocMed Ad Video Production


July 24, 2021




Shift Studios


Blasgil Tanquilut

Story Board Artist:

Rae Toledo-Bonagua

Rae Digital Creative Studio

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